West Yorkshire Healthier Together

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Healthier Together

The West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership recently launched West Yorkshire Healthier Together, a new website that provides consistent, accurate and trustworthy healthcare advice to parents, carers, young people, and professionals.

West Yorkshire Healthier Together is a free website developed by local healthcare professionals to help parents and carers keep their children safe and healthy and provides advice on common childhood illnesses, including when and where to go for help. It has a wide range of information and is available at www.wyhealthiertogether.nhs.uk.

The online advice compliments local advice given across health and care services.  Information has been reviewed by local paediatricians, GPs, community pharmacists, health visitors and other professionals across the region to ensure it is the most current, and up to date information available.

Alongside the existing advice available by visiting www.111.nhs.uk or calling NHS 111, the Healthier Together website provides information that should be the first point of call if parents and carers have concerns about their child. It also offers practical advice on whether a child should go to nursery or school if unwell, along with advice on keeping children safe, well and in good general health.